Transforming Spaces,

Reflecting Tastes!

Flooring Service Excellence

Transform Your Space

Ready for a makeover? Your floors set the tone! Let Carolina guide you through the process, from selection to installation. We offer hassle-free, low-maintenance flooring options that redefine your space.

Quality & Versatility

Experience excellence within your budget! From economical tile to luxurious marble, our residential and commercial flooring installations ensure top-notch products and superior craftsmanship, leaving you satisfied every time.

Flooring Variety:

Discover timeless options! Laminate for style on a budget, versatile tile for any room, durable vinyl for high-traffic areas, or classic hardwood adding value and elegance to your space.

Hardwood Maintenance:

Preserve the beauty of hardwood! Our buff and coat services eliminate wear and tear, ensuring your floors last a lifetime. We utilize high-tech equipment for scuff and scratch removal, along with sanding, staining, and more.

Restoring Hardwood Floors:

Renew your worn floors! Our refinishing services address water damage, stains, and warping, restoring your wood floors to their original shine and beauty.

Drywall & Ceiling Expertise

Complete Drywall Solutions
From installation to finishing, we've got you covered! Our team handles everything, ensuring your drywall needs, including remodeling and repairs, are expertly managed for the best results.

Ceiling Integrity Matters:
Protect your home from ceiling issues! Our repair services ensure the structural integrity of your ceilings, offering complete repairs, textures, and resprays for a polished finish.

Drywall Challenges Resolved:
Expert solutions for every issue! Whether it's holes from plumbing or attic mishaps, water damage, or accidental damage, we're the go-to experts for seamless drywall repairs.

Cabinet Installation & Refacing

Quality Cabinet Installations:

Upgrade with confidence! Our professional installation services ensure your beautiful cabinets are expertly fitted, respecting your space and leaving you with a dust-free, quality finish.

Customize Your Cabinets:

Transform without replacing! Opt for cabinet remodeling with new doors, hardware, or additional functional and decorative upgrades, offering increased storage and added value to your home.

Countertop Elegance:

Elevate your space with natural beauty! Choose from granite's uniqueness, quartz's low-maintenance charm, or marble's durability and design options for stunning countertops.

Custom Carpentry Expertise

Craftsmanship for Your Space
Personalized carpentry solutions! From built-ins providing functionality and style to stunning finish work, wood beams, and efficient custom closets, we transform your home into a personalized oasis.

Tailored Solutions:

Craftsmanship that reflects you! Our skilled team works closely with clients, delivering functional, beautiful, and durable custom carpentry solutions that exceed expectations every time.

Why Choose Us:

At Carolina Custom Carpentry, we prioritize detail, craftsmanship, and your satisfaction. Trust our expertise to craft your vision, adding character, organization, and elegance to your home.